LIVING THREADS, Textiles of Oaxaca

A Journey who’s time has come

The time has come to tell a story, through images, about a place and an era. The place is Oaxaca, a wildly diverse state in Southern Mexico. The era is defined by that time, going deep into the past and overlapping into the present, when communities were unique microcosms, complex extended families unified by blood, customs, language and dress.  …an era when humanity was as wildly diverse as the places they lived in. This is all changing so quickly, the grand rush to be “As Seen on TV”.

But the richness is not gone yet and I want to celebrate it now where, in some places it thrives, in many others it barely survives. I have chosen community specific fashion, the distinctive dress and adornment that says, “I am from HERE” as the way to tell the story of a place and an era.

The time has come to create the visual record, to photograph the daughters (and a few sons) who wear generations of their unique cultural heritage on their backs. The time has come to photograph the grandmothers in those communities where they are the last to dress in their unique village style. The time has come to put it all together and share it with the villages that carry the torch, and with all the world. And through the hundreds of portraits I will create from dozens and dozens of communities it will be as if we collectively say, “Look! WE are Oaxaca! We are her living past, her grounded present and what makes her unique!”

This is Living Threads.